Analysis Of The Meyers-Briggs Personality

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The four personality preference ISTF – Introvert, Sensing, Thinking and Judging, joined together to form the person that I am. After the completion of the Meyers-Briggs Personality test, I understand how I am and how I can better relate to other personalities. Being willing to change and adapt to my strengths will help me grow as a leader. Keywords: introvert, sensing, thinking, judging Analysis of the Four Preference Type - ISTJ Introverts (I) It was not a surprise when I received the letter “I” as one of my personality types. I consider myself to be an introvert. I prefer to complete projects alone. I am a reserved person that is guarded due to life and professional experiences. As an Introverts my attitude is more withdrawn. I tend to feed off of my inward thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. As an “I” in my personal life, I tend to hold my disappoint and anger towards others instead of sharing my feelings with that person. Conflict is a zone that I try to steer clear of. Sensing (S) Sensing “S” is not the letter that I thought of myself but the examples of “S” do fit me. An “S” is…show more content…
ISTJ type is considered to be an inspector. ISTJ know right from wrong and like to live their lives seeking the right choice. Although, I agree with the assessment of the test and the descriptions explain my actions and motives exactly, at times I desire to be the total opposite. There have been numerous times that I wished I was an extravert and that I could start and hold a conversation about anything. The Meyers-Briggs test, stated that I am 53% introvert. I also desire to be more like an intuition or “N”. I often view my work on a small scale and enjoy working through steps and methods to achieve my goals. An “N” can visualize the big picture. I have had two different supervisors mention to me that I need to work on seeing the big picture for our

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