Analysis Of The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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Thomas Paine once said, “The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection” ( Throughout The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, particular events reflect upon his life. The aforementioned quote emphasizes the idea that one reflects upon their life among various ways, particularly for Kafka, in literature. Moreover, the author uses the main character in order to demonstrate his struggles amidst society. As a result of Kafka’s personal experiences, the story draws similarities throughout leading to the development of the plot.
Undoubtedly, Franz Kafka depicts the relationship between himself and his father Hermann within The Metamorphosis. For instance, his father treated him poorly as he resembled disappointment in his eyes. When Mr. Samsa threatens Gregor, he feels that “No plea of [his] helped, no plea was even understood; however humbly he might turn his head, his father merely stamped his feet more forcefully” (Kafka 14). This shows that Mr. Samsa treats Gregor brutally, and rather than understanding him, he intends on pushing Gregor to the limit. Also, he resembles an ill-tempered human as numerous things bother him. Similarly, within Kafka’s life he underwent abuse and regularly got yelled at as a young boy and viewed as a sinking ship (Stephens). In addition, his father set certain expectations for Kafka which he desired him to fulfill. Gregor represents the only source of income in the family. For this particular reason, when Kafka introduces Gregor, he states, “...Samsa was a traveling salesmen...”(3). Ironically, Kafka’s father, Hermann, wanted Kafka to pursue a career as a salesmen even though his son opposed this idea (Stephens). Instead, Kafka wished to pursu...

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...ter of fact, Gregor enjoys his sister’s violin playing and feels that it expresses his emotions in a proper manner. All in all, noise and abuse with a few exceptions repelled Kafka as shown by Gregor, the monstrous vermin.
All things considered, the story draws parallels from Kafka’s personal experiences which further develops the plot of the story. Kafka demonstrates the tumultuous relationship with his father through the physical abuse and neglect of Gregor in the novel. In addition, he reflects the way society viewed him and his family through the Samsa’s. Lastly, the animosity towards the ubiquitous noise present in his house throughout his life is exaggerated with Gregor. Overall, Kafka shows bravery by reflecting on his experiences through the means of expression in literature. People feel better when they slowly reflect upon life in a different manner.