Analysis Of The Martian Chronicles By Ray Bradbury

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Tanvir Mahmud Project 1 – Rough Draft Modern technology has made tasks and procedures easier, more accurate, and more convenient. However, people have become heavily dependent on technology, including the health care sector. In Ray Bradbury’s “The Martian Chronicles,” one of the main themes is that the people have relied on technology too much and it has led to their destruction. This idea can be applied to the health field. Relying on too much technology takes away the human element of healthcare and overlooks a patient’s specific needs and wants, and contributes to the destruction of healthcare. Two short stories from this collection, “There Will Come Soft Rains” and “The Million-Year Picnic” portray this through the use of plot, character,…show more content…
Bradbury also uses irony to further portray this idea. It is about an automated house that still functions even though the population has been wiped out from nuclear explosions. From the activities that the robots carried out, it is clear that the family completely relied on the house. For example, breakfast is made automatically and there are voice reminders even though no one is there. A storm sets the house on fire which collapses, all but one wall which has a voice call out the date repeatedly. The story features the poem of the same name written by Sarah Teasdale which describes a war that has destroyed mankind and that nature will be indifferent that they are gone. The house plays this poem which is very…show more content…
Rather, it will cause less jobs in the healthcare sector. IBM’s Watson may be the beginning; there are robots that can perform surgery and there may be medical androids in the future that can replace certain health workers. There will be destruction in careers and patients will be interacting with machines more than with other people. In “The Million-Year Picnic,” the father shows his kids Martians at their request by letting them see their own reflections. This suggests that they are no longer ‘human.’ Just like how they have become Martians, the over-reliance on technology in healthcare will take away the human side of medicine. In conclusion, Bradbury’s theme that people are becoming overly-dependent on technology which will lead to consequences can be applied to the health field. The growing reliance on technology in healthcare will lead to less jobs and take away the human side of it which is the most important aspect of medicine. Bradbury’s collection of stories, “The Martian Chronicles” portray this theme by setting in an apocalyptic world after a nuclear fallout. Two of the stories, “There Will Come Soft Rains,” and “The Million-Year Picnic” relate this theme to the health field using plot, character, and many examples of

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