Analysis Of The March Of Dimes Campaign

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When people watch TV and a March of Dimes commercial comes on, how do they feel? Most people see the premature babies and it upsets them. They start feeling bad and begin to wonder what they could do to help, which is the goal of March of Dimes. March of Dimes has been fighting to save babies since 2003. They work everyday to find donations to fund life-saving research on what causes prematurity. Their commercials and advertisements are so strong because they need as many people to donate as possible. The March of Dimes campaign uses mostly pathos to advertise their charity and persuade people to join them.
The March of Dimes campaign uses happy life experiences to encourage viewers to donate and walk with them. Throughout a child’s life they acquire many skills necessary for growing up. In a commercial they document a baby’s first steps. The video says, “For too many parents, a baby’s first steps aren’t just a milestone, they’re a miracle.” Everyone in the video is happy. When kids say their first words and take their
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Almost 450,000 babies are born too soon in the US every year. Families struggle daily while their children fight to live. So many babies are becoming miracles because they aren’t expected to make it. March of Dimes took action because they want to see prematurity and birth defects end. Every little donation adds to the research fund to find the causes of these things. They appeal to emotions to persuade people to join them and fight to end preterm birth forever. Watch March of Dimes commercials and determine if they are doing it right. Are they making people want to support their campaign? Are their advertisements enough to drive the world into donating and marching for preterm babies? The appeal they use to draw people in is very effective. Its pathos that makes us feel sympathy, horror, joy, and motivation. It’s pathos that pushes us to take a
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