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There are multiple reasons why a book can be banned or challenged. Book banning causes the removal of materials in schools and libraries due to “inappropriate” content. The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold, was banned due to sexual content and language.
In 1982 was when Banned Books Week was introduced to the world (ASJA, 1). “Banned Books Week is the national book community’s annual celebration of the freedom to read”. In the United States, the First Amendment protects American citizens from being denied the right to read any book they desire (Banned Books, 1). Banned Books Week is usually on, the last week of September (Cho,1). Banning a book is called when the content in the novel is not suitable for certain ages (American, 1). Books can be
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The genre is “fiction, a supernatural thriller, and a bildungsroman” (Key Facts, 1). The Lovely Bones is written in first person. The novel is said to be complex, a distant place, and then a time of grieving from a loss of an innocent child who was murdered (Guardian, 1). The view of Heaven presented in The Lovely Bones is where you do not have to worry about anything, you get what you want, and understand why you want it. In this novel, Suzie teaches her family what she had learned from her life. The climax of the novel is when Suzie is able to achieve her dream to grow up when Heaven allows her to inhabit Ruth’s body and then make love Ray (Key Facts, 1). One fact about the novel The Lovely Bones is that the beginning of the book is famous for its intense descriptions on Suzie Salmon’s rape that she had to endure. It has been said from many people that The Lovely Bones is the most successful novel since Gone with the Wind (Spring, 1). The Lovely Bones was on the best-seller lists for several months in 2002 (Alice,…show more content…
Sebold’s mom was a local newspaper journalist in Pennsylvania (Guardian, 1). Her dad was a Spanish professor (Spring, 1). Sebold has an older sister named Mary. Mary would temporarily take care of their mom when she went into panic attacks. Sebold was the main one that would nurture her mom, and was blaming her sister on things. Ever since Sebold was a little girl she wanted to be a writer, but her parents paid more attention to Mary. Whenever Sebold was in her teenage years, she described herself in negative thoughts. She even often argued with her parents. The Sebold family was known to have fierce arguments at the table about something that was usually misunderstood. Sebold said that when she was young she did not go to church regularly (Guardian, 1). When she was in church she would read comic books in the pews. One fact about Sebold is that she does not believe in afterlife or God. She says that religious things are trash (Guardian, 1). Even Catholic language makes her uncomfortable (Alice Rape, 1). Another fact about her is that she loves gardening. She says that it’s a place where she can find and lose herself (Guardian, 1). In 1980, Sebold graduated from Great Valley High School (Spring, 1). It was on the last day of school in the evening of Sebold’s freshman year at Syracuse University, when she was raped (Alice Biography, 1). When Sebold was raped

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