Analysis Of The Long-Long Journey

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The finding of the Americans was a life changing discovery for the Europeans. Although it was a dream come true for many foreigners to become an American, they were completely unaware of the several obstacles that were needed to actually earn that title. The documentary The Long Long Journey shows the struggles of a polish family migrating to the US during early 18th century. This documentary shows not only the perspective of Europeans of new America, but as well as show how “Americans” treated the immigrants. This film begins off with hundreds of Europeans traveling by boat to NYC. During this time, many Slavs, Polishes, Russians and several other Europeans sought to flee their homes due to harsh conditions in their country. Janket faced numerous challenges to become a true American such as his lack of knowledge of US cultural norms, having to step up and fulfill his father's role and his inability to live out his version of american dream. One…show more content…
When moving to a foreign country having friends and family who already reside in the area will be extremely useful, because they will provide assists for everyday hardships. The discrimination against immigrants has still not ended, however immigrants in this generation face less difficulties, due to the far more opportunities available. During Janket’s long long journey he had to learn how to overcome his thick Polish accent, learn the real ways of becoming an true american. The irony of this issues in regards to discrimination and hate towards immigrants is that we, every single person residing in the U.S is in fact is part of an immigration generation. Yes someone from your family at some point in time immigrated to the U.S; just like the Janket’s family did. We should learn to accept and appreciate our difference cultural background, and understand that we are in fact much more similar than we
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