Analysis Of The Last Seven Months Of Anne Frank

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History was made on January 30, 1933 when an appalling and repulsive act took place. Annelies Marie Frank was just a young girl when the holocaust began. Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929. She is from Frankfort Germany where she spoke Dutch, attended a Montessori school, and lived with her parents and only sibling. She also had a tremendous talent of writing at just the young age of 13. The holocaust was an event set up and held by a man named Adolf Hitler. He and his men killed anyone who wasn’t his definition of a perfect German. Since the Frank family was Jewish and German, they quickly went into hiding. During this time, Anne wrote and kept day by day journal entrees in her diary. 2 years later they were found and sent to different areas…show more content…
The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank, p.204. “An enlightening, harrowing set of first-person narratives by six women who knew Anne Frank before the war and during her final hellish months in German extermination camps. Lindwer’s invaluable effort picks up where the diary of the century leaves off.” Kirkus Reviews describes this book as “A moving account.” Although this book lacks in a clear disclosure and documentation of sources by not having footnotes, it succeeds tremendously as a primary-source of information because it states that there were six eye witnesses. These eye witnesses spent quite a bit of time with Anne Frank before she passed away in the early year of…show more content…
F. and Kowacs, P. A. (Published in November 2007). Anne Frank’s headache, Vol. 27, p1215-1218. This article speaks on the topic of headaches, how they pertain to Anne Frank, and how her experience while in hiding relates back to headaches. Celebrities that impact public affairs or history have been known to endure headaches often. One example, is Anne Frank. Anne Frank wrote about her and her family’s hiding experience during World War II, in her diary. She explained her everyday life, respect towards her father, and emotions pertaining to her fear of being found by the Germans. Frank documented terrible headaches she often ran into throughout her life. These headaches were so intense that they would cause her to throw up. Her descriptions paralleled quite accurately with the “International Headache Society criteria for probable migraines”. However, Frank’s father thought that these precise headaches had nothing to do with other disorders. Instead, he figured they were caused by worry and

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