Analysis Of The King Of Torts By John Grisham

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The King of Torts is a legal novel written by American author John Grisham. In this story Grisham exposes us to a classic story that confirms the old cliche – “What goes around, comes around”, or in other words: a person's actions, whether good or bad, will often have consequences for that person.
He emphasizes this principle by handing a gold mine tort case to his main character - a humble lawyer, to soar his ego and see how greed will influence on him.
The tale is about Clay Carter, a 31 year-old lawyer who lives in D.C. and works as a public defender. Clay takes the job of defending Tequila Watson, a black kid who shot his friend called Pumpkin and can't remember why. Although representing the “little guy” is a worthless case, he takes the case because nobody wanted it, and he needs money.
The story tells Clay’s business life and personal life separately. One of the reasons for Clay's fall is Rebecca, Clay's girlfriend. Grisham
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Quickly he is transformed into a mass tort lawyer and earns high salaries. The successful job that given by Pace to him, looked like a dream. He couldn't believe he will be able to open his own firm, gain public recognition and rise in the eyes of his old friends from his old law firm.
At this point, Clay enjoys the life he never dreamt of. He buys him a new car, a house, a Gulfstream plane that every mass tort lawyer has, and he even finds himself dining with the U.S. President with his blonde supermodel girlfriend whom he met just to make him famous and to become the king of torts.
Never satisfied, he continues to spend his money and work with Pace who remains mysterious for the whole story. At this part Clay reaches his climax as a man with morals and he surrenders to his greed by marrying to money and forgetting from where he came and how fortunate he was. His fall starts at this part, with the turn of each page we approach to the

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