Analysis Of The Joy Of Cooking By Elaine Magarrell

In the poem "The Joy of Cooking" by Elaine Magarrell explains how cooking becomes a way of thinking about someone else. The author has cooked her sister’s tongue and brother’s heart. The author's cynical tone allows readers insight into a complicated sibling relationship and the ongoing rivalry between siblings. The author never tells what her sister or brother does to make her so mad, but it is very clear that her sister's tongue and her brother's heart has something to do with the annoyance. Since the tongue is associated with the mouth and the mouth is associated with talking, the reader can interpret that the sister has used her tongue in order to aggravate the author. In other words, the sister has verbally offended the author in some way and she feels so disrespected that she does not want to hear her sister's words ever again. The author feels that by cutting out her sister's tongue she will not be able to verbally offend her again, but then realizes that it will probably happen…show more content…
The author is just irritated with some of their behaviors and characteristics. Therefore the title of this poem, "The Joy of Cooking" is about the joy that the author felt by cooking things that she does not like about her siblings(her sister's big mouth and her brother's cold heartedness). On the other hand, in the poem “Home-Baked Bread” by Sally Croft explains how cooking becomes a way of thinking about someone else by using a play on words throughout the entire poem. She says one thing, but means something completely different. The title sounds innocent enough, but as you read on it sounds like the author is offering sexual pleasures to her readers. Her words strike the imagination of the reader's through their sense of touch and
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