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The historical event of 1975 in Vietnam induced migrations of millions of Vietnamese to seek for new havens. As we know, the United State is the settlement for the majority of Vietnamese refugees. However, in the documentary film The Journey of Vaan Nguyen by Duki Dror, the viewers can see another aspect of a minority of Vietnamese refugees who have resided in Israel, a religious country in the Middle East. Having the same circumstance like many other refugees, after the fall of Saigon, Hoiami Nguyen was imprisoned by the communist government. He was taught to absorb the communist ideology. He then escaped and began his risky voyage on small boats along with “boat people”. As a matter of fact, the plight of boat people is very severe. They let their lives drift on the sea and wait desperately for someone to pick them up. They do not have the choice to choose who should pick them. In most stories we have seen in class, the main characters are Vietnamese Americans who have found their settlement in the U.S. But for Hoiami Nguyen, his boat was rescued by an Israeli ship, and he ended up his migration in Israel. As we see in the film, life in Israel is different from life in America, especially for non-Israeli citizens. Language is certainly a barrier for Vietnamese refugees. Moreover, Hoiami…show more content…
He tells her that someday he will buy a house here. Although he cannot reclaim his family’s land, to him, Vietnam is still his home forever. Everyone wants to come back to his or her home after a long journey, so does Hoiami. The journey to Israel is long enough for him to want to come home - his mother land. In summary, The Journey of Vaan Nguyen shows the viewers another aspect of Vietnamese refugees. It is not merely a story of first generations who try to integrate into a new country, but it is a story of second generations who try to find their identity between the two

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