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The “Infinity of Nations” nicely summarizes why the Native American’s played a substantial role in the creation of the “new world” that is so often misconstrued as solely a European creation. However, the “Infinity of Nations” neglects to show the importance of gender in the creation of this world. Through gender we can see how women and men combined to create this “new world” dynamic, how gender was used through religion and politics to demonize Native American tribes, and how European colonists used gender as a political ideal to create an empire. The author of the “Infinity of Nations” Michael Witgen does a good job showing the role Native American men and European men played when shaping the “new world.” He fails though, when comes to…show more content…
To create this new relationship they borrowed a ceremony from the Wyandot, a form of the athataion, or a Feast of the Dead. This Feast of the Dead lasted fourteen days; each filled with dancing, games, gift exchanges, ritual adoption, and arranged marriages between members of the different bands in attendance.” This part of the text describes the delicate process of uniting the tribes who were past enemies, creating a valuable alliance crucial to survival. What this passage fails to tell us more about are these “arranged marriages.” Arranged marriages have been a method for thousands of years of as way of demonstrating unification among different peoples. This practice goes back as far as Alexander the Great. There is no better way of bringing two different peoples together than by making them family and connected through a shared offspring. When looking at the role gender plays in this relationship we see that a man and women from different backgrounds are coming together to form a new cultural identity of the future. Future generations will…show more content…
We learned that throughout history Europeans had promoted false histories to show European exceptionalism and Native savagery, therefore giving the world the imagination of colonization as a just cause. Witgen showed the Natives as equals to the Europeans. He even gave examples of how Europeans were forced to work with the Natives based on Native ground rules throughout many stages of early America. A good example of European justification for conquering the Natives was religion. The Jesuits for example felt it was their mission under God to civilize these inferior natives. As stated in this quote “For the Jesuits the horrors of Native suffering seemed to be matched by their own horror at finding themselves charged with the task of converting such a barbaric people to Christianity, and to a civilized life.” In this case the Jesuits are using religion as a means of justification for colonization. In this case, gender is used through religion to show power over a supposed weaker people. As we know in Christianity God is the father and priests represent God on earth. So, in the name of God the father and creator of all people these Jesuits are civilizing Native Americans, doing them the honorable service of bringing them salvation. At least that was the idea. Gender plays a huge role in religion, because God is said to have taken the form of a male human being. As a result anything that

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