Analysis Of The Hype Over The Star Of David Article

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In reference to the German attitudes towards Jewish people, and vice versa, the perceptions appear to go from one extreme to the other. That is to say, the contemporary Germans seem to be overcompensating their redemption towards the Jewish population; due to the Nazi regime’s persecution of them during World War II. In addition to this issue, they are also frustrating other Jewish populations.
To illustrate the problem with overplaying everything tied to Judaism, it is good to take a look at The Hype over the Star of David article, written by Meike Wöhlert. In particular, the excerpt noting this excess interest and treatment of Jews as: “an ambivalent combination of rejection, inhibition, enraptured wonderment and compulsory explanations. […]” (GT 5.8). Incidentally, the article was written during the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. But to get back on point, the terminology utilized illustrated that the Germans undergone a severe period of insecurity; unable to cope with their country’s crimes. Therefore, to mask said insecurities, the population became quickly obsessed with Jews; expressing a lot of joy to understanding them more, some to the point of experiencing “conversion fever”; desiring to convert to
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With this in mind, the same phenomenon is also played by the German president Joachim Gauck; who performed a series of speeches between the years of 2014 through 2015, notably the fact that he uses the word “everyone” throughout the different speeches: “Everyone here and elsewhere believed they were doing the right thing” (TR 01), “Nationalism has blinded almost everyone’s hearts and minds” (TR 03), “…to which everyone, without exception, is entitled as a human being” (TR