Analysis Of ' The House Of D '

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Disability is more than just a dictionary definition. Many types of disabilities are portrayed in “The House of D”, but only one character is truly disabled by definition. The incapacities of the characters are much more than a physical or mental condition that reduces the use of the body or mind. The disabilities are also very intertwined between each character, and Tommy is the center. Being in the center of the handicaps Tommy develops a noose around his neck, which will slowly tighten with time and the happening of events. Tommy’s noose is first tightened with the death of his father, and that is where Caroline or Mrs. Warshaw first develops her own handicap. Tommy’s mother’s handicap directly effects Tommy through his relationship with her. Her handicap is her inability to move forward after Mr. Warshaw’s death. Mrs. Warshaw is so hurt by his death that she refuses accept that he actually died. Caroline is so bitter that says he ran away as if he held a choice. Tommy and Caroline’s relationship is damaged by the death of the loved father and husband. The role in their mother son...
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