Analysis Of The Goldbergs And Modern Family

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In this project, we were told to analyze two pieces of pop culture and report back the ratio of men versus women, racial minorities versus whites, homosexual couples versus heterosexual couples, adults over 40 versus adults 18-40, and the number of whole women versus the number of parts of women’s bodies. The pieces of media that I chose to analyze were The Goldbergs and Modern Family. I believe that the target audience for The Goldbergs is people who grew up in the 1980s because this show is supposed to be set during that time and references many things that those people could relate to. In addition to this, they tend to feature older people as the main characters in order to draw in their obvious target audience. It seems as though the target audience for Modern Family is young adults to adults. They feature more minorities and things that the young generation tend to relate to more. Both of the target audiences are made quite clear if you really pay attention to the programs. The number of men compared to women that I saw within this time was 22:16. The number of racial minorities that I saw compared to the number of whites was 7:31. The number of obviously homosexual couples that I saw compared to the number of obviously heterosexual couples was 1:7. The number of adults…show more content…
284). This applies to not only women, but to every minority group. The media seems to think that because they have finally begun to include minority groups, that activists for them no longer serve a purpose. It is wonderful that these groups are being included; however, they are being included at much smaller numbers than their mythical norm

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