Analysis Of The Geoengineering Gambit By Kevin Bullis

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The dawn of a new engineering technique called geoengineering aims to save the Earth via large-scale manipulation of the environment to counteract global warming. “The Geoengineering Gambit” by Kevin Bullis, is an article about some of the ways geoengineering could solve the climate crisis and the problems that could be created by those solutions. Bullis gained knowledge of geoengineering and the climate problem from his work as energy editor for the journal Technology Review. Bullis' job as an editor builds for him a strong base of believability in the field, and demonstrates the basis for his credibility while building his ethos. The proposed geoengineering solutions are in relation to the current climate problems. Bullis’ purpose was to bring attention to the current geoengineering proposed solutions. Bullis talks about the current solutions that geoengineering offers but also the perceived problems as well. Bullis also brings up the ethical problems that can arise from these solutions. For example, problems nations would have with another nation launching things into the atmosphere is one of the many problems Bullis finds cause to study. Bullis also brings up his feelings on geoengineering and how it would be better if mankind were able to lessen the impact on our environment instead of applying temporary or artificial fixes. Bullis intentionally aimed this article at everyone given the worldwide impact on people that some claim through geoengineering. Bullis unintentionally aimed the article at the US Government and other leaders from influential nations. The tone of the article is really saying that geoengineering could possibly help but more tests and results are necessary before drawing important conclusions. ... ... middle of paper ... ... everyone on Earth as it would no doubt affect everyone on Earth. Geoengineering and the outcomes of its use are such a vast unknown that it could potentially end up destroying the Earth or saving it. There is no other decision that could have such a huge impact that turning to geoengineering could potentially hold. Trying to save the Earth through artificial geoengineering ways was the point of Bullis’ article. Bullis not only is credible because of his position as an editor for the journal Technology Review but also furthers his ethos through quoting scientist and providing his own reasoning. Bullis does not use pathos in his article, given that it is more based in reason than emotion. Bullis wrote a very logical article on geoengineering and the implications it has on the world. Geoengineering could end up destroying the world or saving it from destruction.

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