Analysis Of The Five Temptations Of A CEO

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“The Five Temptations of a CEO” by Patrick Lencioni is a must read for every aspiring business major. The book covers many very critical concepts that most business students have very little knowledge of. Self-examination is the stepping stone to becoming a successful CEO. Every CEO encounters difficulties and must know how to recognize them in order not to fall victim to the Five Temptations of a CEO. The Five temptations are status over results, popularity over accountability, certainty over clarity, harmony over conflict, and invulnerability over trust. The fist Temptation discussed by Patrick Lencioni is status over results. This occurs when a CEO becomes too concerned with their own ego that they become complacent with the business they…show more content…
In order for a leader to make rational decisions they must analyze their thoughts and get feedback from others. Many CEO’s are afraid to express their thoughts and ideas in fear they may be challenged. Heated discussions where people challenge one another without insulting others is beneficial for good decision making. The final temptation discussed by Lencioni is choosing invulnerability over trust. In order for a CEO and their employees to have a healthy relationship there must be mutual trust. A CEO must first trust their employees even if it seems they are vulnerable to be beaten. Employees will return their trust by respect and being honest. A healthy honest relationship between CEO and employees encourages communication and feedback. I would not have trouble falling victim to this temptation because I believe everyone deserves trust at first until they prove otherwise. Reading this book has given me great knowledge and understanding of the very demanding job of a CEO. Lencioni states that “the reason a CEO fails is not only because they fell victim to a temptation but because they refused to let others know of their failure”. The ability to accept failure when you are wrong separates those who succeed and those who fail. “The five temptations of a CEO” is a must read for every aspiring business

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