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I am writing a review on the very popular television show, Shameless. In part, this is one of my favorite shows, and it deals with current social and economic issues relevant in today’s society. Shameless is a drama-comedy, currently in its seventh season, set on the south-side of Chicago. There is a British television of the same name, based in Manchester that premiered in 2004. The American re-creation of Shameless premiered in 2011 and follows the lives of the dysfunctional, yet perseverant Gallagher family who are trying to make ends meet day after day. From working multiple jobs to stealing the family does whatever they can to survive. The Gallagher kids learn how to take care of themselves with the help of their neighbors, Veronica and Kevin, after their bipolar mother leaves and their alcoholic father drinks his days away at the neighborhood bar. Eldest sibling Fiona takes care of her five younger siblings: Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam (ages two to sixteen) while trying to pick up pieces of her own messed up life. Shameless, in my opinion, has many strengths that make it such a favorite television show. The reason Shameless has become successful is due to the types of social topics, and relevant issues brought up in each episode. A major strength includes themes that everyone can relate to in one way or another. Another strength surrounds the issues and struggles The Gallagher family deals with on a daily basis. The audience watching Shameless can connect on a personal level with some of the problems The Gallagher’s struggle with such as paying bills and day-to-day survival. I think that being able to grasp a broad audience of people through different themes and challenges allows the show to become more relev... ... middle of paper ... ...s a realistic description of their lifestyle on the south side of Chicago. The show exploits the rewards of stealing, rather than showing the consequences that could occur through this type of action. This bad behavior is glorified throughout and can be a representation for some because people might want that lifestyle after watching Shameless, even though it is criminal. Overall, Shameless is an amazing show for a mature audience. I know certain people who would love the show and others who would not care to watch. In my opinion, late teens and young adults are the target audience. The accurate portrayal of social issues and actions in Shameless are to mature for middle schoolers and even some high schoolers. The show is inappropriate for younger children. Shameless is an excellent show to help portray and illustrate relevant hot topics in today’s society.

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