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This essay will show the characteristics of virtue by examining characters from the film Gravity. The virtue of ethics gives guidance as to what behaviors or traits a person would need in order to gain Endaimona. This was the ancient Greek philosophers’ term for a good human life or happiness which is not meant by mood or feeling, but by a rich and fulfilling life for the individual living it, explained by Russell (2013). This essay will focus on defining moments throughout the film where a character has shown virtue in the decisions they have made. Virtue ethics is based on the moral character of the person, it is what a character feels is the right thing to do; it is not decisions based on a personal gain, duty or consequence. “An individual counts as virtuous if s/he exercises all the virtues and virtues are qualities of character that an agent needs in order to attain endaimona, overall well-being or a good life. (Rosalind as cited in Slote, 2000, p.327).

Gravity opens with the crew of Space Shuttle Explorer doing a routine spacewalk: Attached to a Jet Pack is Mission Commander Matt Kowalski, and tethered to the shuttle are NASA engineer specialist Sharif Dasani and medical engineer Dr. Ryan Stone who is carrying out a repair mission. Disaster strikes as the Russian satellite explodes into hundreds of pieces causing debris to hurtle their way, destroying their ship and immediately killing all the crew except Kowalski and Stone.
As they approach what is left of their shuttle, Stone catches Dasani and pulls him into her revealing a horrible mess. Debris has gone right through Dasani’s helmet, breaking through the glass and shattering his head like a bullet.

Dasari is an engineer who studied at Harvard, intelligent enough to...

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...en if they do nothing, they still have made a choice. In the end our lives are measured by the end result, has the individual acquired the right virtues that have given their lives a sense of flourishing accomplishment? Dasani dies for his country as he works in a very hostile environment of space but shows us the courage to do so even if the end result is not what we had hoped for. Kowalski posses a lot of virtuous qualities but his selfless act of giving his life in order to show Stone she must let go shows a lot of wisdom. After the hard journey back to earth, Stone shows us a compelling transformation of character. Stone is now a thriving and flourishing new person who has developed the skills to being brave enough to survive space and the courage to let go and move on, these are virtues that will allow her to start living a more flourished and well lived life.

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