Analysis Of The Film, For Profit Hmo 's And The Universal Healthcare System Of Other Industrialized Countries

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1. In the film, for profit HMO’s in the U.S are a stark contrast against the universal healthcare system of other industrialized countries. Our insurers are not so much concerned with your health but with minimizing the amount spent on their customers. They deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions because it may be too costly for them. The film highlights examples of startling reasons for being denied such as being too skinny or fat. We see whistleblower Dr. Linda Peeno reveal that Doctors are incentivized to deny claims to increase profits especially if they wish to rise within the industry. In other countries shown there is no risk of being denied coverage as healthcare is seen as a right of every citizen. The doctors interviewed seem to genuinely care about their patients and are motivated to treat all they can. It is no wonder that the citizens in these countries were perplexed about these ideas in the U.S. Moore points out that these countries with universal care have longer life expectancy, lower infant mortality rates and although not mentioned, all while spending less than the U.S. The french healthcare system focuses on social services integrated with healthcare. We get to see a social worker help a family take care of a child or even with laundry. These services seem to lead to consumer satisfaction and contribute to the overall well being of the society. Britain and Cuban citizens are shown paying pennies on the dollar for their prescription drug costs. In Britain even an American tourist is shown receiving the same healthcare benefits as a Briton, such as free care and cheap prescription drugs. 2. In France, Britain and Canada their universal healthcare gets support from both democrats and conservatives alike. ... ... middle of paper ... ...n death. It must be said however that these conditions are currently improving today. The British have similar problems with long wait lists but also healthcare rationing. This problem persists in 2015 where Germany recently offered to treat the one million people currently on wait lists in Britain. The French manage to give quality healthcare quickly but Moore only briefly touches the issue of how much the people are taxed . The French people pay a lot for their healthcare and social programs shown in the movie. What may fit their culture may not work for another. How many U.S citizens would pay for these kinds of services? Cuba healthcare has been praised for its achievements however the care they received in the movie are reserved for the Cuban elite with few seeing such a level of care. Because of this the movie was banned from Cuba to prevent any social distress.

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