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Casablanca is an American romance/drama film that was created in 1942. This movie was created during World War II to depict many events that were going on at that time. The Germans, who were trying to keep Laszlo in Casablanca, unfortunately in the end Rick allows Ilsa to escape the hand of the Germans with victor therefore leaving the audience with a broken heart. The film Casablanca (Michael Curtiz, 1942) is the perfect example of “Hollywood perfection” in many ways than one. In The Limitless Potentials and the Potential limits of Classical Hollywood Cinema. Polan states “By this double formation, I mean to get at two things: “Casablanca comes closest for many fans to embodying Hollywood cinema in its classic moment insofar as we imagine…show more content…
Some main components of the Classic Hollywood Style are used by many different components, continuity being one. The main purpose of continuity in Casablanca is to smooth over the disconnection of the editing process. Edits are cut seamless designed to move eyes image to image without the audience knowing. For example, when the camera introduces us to the scenes setting, then the scene flows smoothly through ricks café. Each shot has a meaning to those who following the editing lets us know everything that’s going on, ending off with rick we know that he has much meaning to Casablanca. Second, the 3-point lighting system has a big effect on the filming of Casablanca, this complements the background lighting and eye lights. Dark film noir is also used in several scenes of this movie. During many scenes with Rick, half of his face is presented in light while the other half is shadowed. This has an effect on Casablanca by setting the mood of many different scenes. Lighting on Ilsa’s face are normally close up shots where the light is very bright and her skin is almost glowing. Finally, smooth shooting plays a big role in the film. When the camera is being shot on the beautiful star, the main focus is that one star. Everything else in the background seems to be blurred. This gives emphasis on what is being shot at that

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