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The motion picture released before 1950’s formalism resembles to each other in some way. The movies mentioned in this essay are Barsaat (Rain) 1949, Bringing up baby 1938 and City lights 1931. These movies might have different narrative, theme, genre and auteur, but the organizing concept, structure and style indicate that they are very similar. The concept and structure, arrangement of movie released before 1950 reveals similarity of combined genre, expressive totality, and formalist approach of the movie that includes lighting, sound and set design, shot composition, editing characters, performance, theme and narrative. The movie Barsaat was directed by Raj Kapoor, who was also an actor of Hollywood industry. This Indian movie combines dual…show more content…
Gopal betrays his girlfriend with a fake promise of marrying her in the coming rainy season. At last, Gopal realizes the mistake and tries to get find her for an apology, he finds that because of his forgery she killed herself. This movie is based on Indian society which contains emotional narrative meanwhile, the music videos with unrealistic narrative is added in the movie. The relationship between couples, Gopal cheating Neela, friendship between boys and the death of Neela fulfills theme of the movie. The ideology of this movie represents female in positive as well as negative ways. Reshma represents the positive way who fights for her love and stays stronger on other side Neela suicides for her love which represent negative way. There are altogether eleven songs in this two hour and thirty eight minutes of linear movie. Every Bollywood movie contains music videos between story to enhance the emotional feeling of the character to the audience as we can find all the main characters singing and dancing. There are six noticeable characters which frequently appears on the screen, among them couples are mainly focused. The director used of sound effect in the background throughout the…show more content…
There are seven characters shown with a clear identity in this movie, among them David, Susan and Baby (leopard) are the main characters. The romantic chemistry between David and Susan, comedy action and conversation between main characters such as, hitting a car literally by Susan and their conversation on the golf, parking lot, hiding the rip dress of Susan by David on hall, confession of love swinging on the ladder, Baby (leopard) supports the theme of the movie. The actress who played the character of Susan was witty even when she was serious which is also part of the comedy in the movie. The mise-en-scene of the movie is constructed carefully to make the setting look realistic. The David wore apron inside the museum and outside other setting he wore casual. Susan’s every attire is very classy which represents a rich girl character. There is a special effect of sound of instrumental music and song that are played throughout the movie. The special effect is used to create an illusion of a car running on the road. They used studio to show the different settings like a museum with skeleton frame, Susan’s decorated bedroom, restaurant with peoples, golf area, etc. The director used to dissolve editing technique to change the scenes of the movie. David leaves the room and the scene dissolves and another scene David playing golf is shown. There are plenty of

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