Analysis Of The Dred Scott Vs. Sanford Case

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The Dred Scott vs Sanford case was a very interesting case. This case was brought about when Dred Scott brawled for his freedom. He went to court and he fought for what he thought was right. The Dred Scott case affected society tremendously back then; the case itself created tension between the North and the South. He took a stand for what he believed in and it angered some people but he also had supporters. However, in 2009 a journal article was created about the Dred Scott case by a professor of English at Brandeis University named John Burt. It informed me and other readers more facts and additional things about the case. This journal article showed that the Dred Scott vs Sanford case made a difference in history it made people stand up…show more content…
I have always loved history but not just history itself, African American history due to the fact that African Americans played a huge role in society, movements, rights, and stood up and fought for everything they believed in. African Americans are powerful, some are militant, and they impacted our life and we could never pay them back for it. Some African Americans died for what they believed in so we can be free today and it takes a group of powerful people to take a stand as well as they did. I knew some things about the Dred Scott case because we discussed it in class, our book discusses it, and also I wrote an essay on it but when you find more by looking up sources and creating a paper it gives you a better understanding of the case, educate you on things you may not have known or understood about the case. African Americans and the authors shaped the message of these sources by providing readers with accurate and meaningful information about this case and how it impacted society. Everything is different from how it was back then because, slavery is prohibited and the hard part is over. In meaning, we did not have to fight for our rights because our African Americans did it for us so things are different now and we could learn everything we can about this case, history, and other factors but we will never know the things they
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