Analysis Of The Dreadful Scoring Rubric

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1044 words

The Dreadful Scoring Rubric My junior year of high school, I used to sit in the middle of my AP English Language class to avoid being called on by my teacher, Mr. Johnson. He was an old man with an advanced vocabulary and an awkward humor. I was quite intimidated by this teacher like no other teacher. I would feel intimidated to talk or to submit my work. Stepping into the class, from the first day, I was able to feel the the high expectations of my work once we were handed the scoring rubric for the writing produced in the class and I had a feeling I was unable to meet that criteria. Throughout the first two years of high school, I didn’t work much on improving my writing. Getting through the English classes were fairly easy because there was not much of a challenge for me. My teachers didn’t expect much in my assignments and homework, except completion. Therefore, I didn’t work on my own or sought for help to improve on my writing.
However, I did know that my writing was not perfect and I had to seek for ways to improve it. In this class, I would try to work on it with as much practice I could get, especially to get prepared for the AP test. I would read as many articles online and …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they were intimidated by their teacher, mr. johnson, who was an old man with an advanced vocabulary and an awkward humor.
  • Narrates how they didn't work on improving their writing in high school, and how the english classes were relatively easy.
  • Narrates how they worked on writing with as much practice as they could get, especially to prepare for the ap test. they received a certificate for reading the most articles and receiving 95-100% on the quizzes, but couldn't see how the practices helped them improve.
  • Narrates how they hated writing because they couldn't meet the writing expectations of their teacher and the scoring rubric. their biggest fear was creating a paper where they would summarize or repeat themselves.
  • Opines that the feeling of getting papers returned was dooms day. they knew there would be a lot of marks on their paper or low score.
  • Describes how they noticed that mr. johnson wasn't grading their assignment based on how well their essay was written. they took their time to make an outline, wrote out my essay, and reviewed it.
  • Describes how the experience changed the way they saw mr. johnson. the feedback they received in their previous essays and the practice they were provided with had an impact on their writing.
  • Explains that they realized the improvement in their writing. they now find it less frightening when thinking of something to write about.
  • Opines that if they could change their ignorance towards writing, their class, and their teacher, they would.

Every time I would get a paper back, I would flip it downwards, that way no one would see my score, corrections or the comments made. I just knew there would be a lot marks on my paper or low score. In most cases, I knew I would get a “3 or 4” and in one case it was a “4 or 5” circled on the header of my paper. The “or” would always make me mad because I would always think that my papers were not good enough. I would see my score as the lower number in the scoring rubric sheet. Also, knowing Mr. Johnson’s big vocabulary, my writing and vocabulary use was nowhere near his expertise. I would think to myself, why even try because it was not good

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