Analysis Of The Documentary Waiting For Superman

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The documentary Waiting For Superman I think is a perfect example of the current school system in the United States. We have too many students getting poor education from bad teachers that cannot be fired. The schools that do have great teachers often are not accepting new students, or you need to be in the district. The very limited spaces available often go through a lottery system that is almost impossible to win due to the high number of students applying. The bad schools are often called “drop out factories” because of the high number of students who dropout. The main cause for dropouts is due to falling behind and not being able to catch up. I personally went to a school that this film would consider a drop out factory and it was not…show more content…
My high school was over capacity with students and often times we did not have enough chairs or desk for students. The graduating classes only had 100 or so kids graduating but the freshman classes would start off with several hundred students. We had a few good teachers, and thankfully I was a student that was able to get them with AP classes, but most students did not have this luxury. Most teachers would only focus on a few students they felt were “worth teaching” and allowed tough kids to do whatever they wanted, as long as they were not interrupting the “good kids”. It was really hard; I can understand why so many students dropped out because no one was helping them. They were often grouped together and would be given online classes known as E2020 just to get them out of the class and not be dealt with. It was not an environment that allowed for growth. After watching this film I am very against teachers unions. The film claimed that if we just got rid of the bottom 1-6% of teachers we could catch kids up by a years worth of education. I am a firm believer we should get rid of bad teachers if they cannot perform well even after additional training. I also think we should reward good teachers with higher pay. Pay is a great way to reinforce teachers who are doing well and can also be encouraging for teachers who are doing poorly and want higher
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