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The documentary Banking on Bitcoin from director Chris Cannucciari was a documentary released in 2016. Throughout this documentary Cannucciari asserts that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is the future. Using Bitcoin experts and enthusiasts, this documentary is working to persuade people that Bitcoins peer to peer non-centralized system is the future and should be used over traditional banking methods. The targeted audience for this documentary is businesses, government officials, and anyone interested in the Bitcoin technology. The tone of this documentary is ardent while also informative. “I discovered Bitcoin’s power when i understood for the first time that it was not controlled by a central company or a central person. Because I knew that meant it couldn’t be shut down. And if it can’t be shut down, all it needs is to do something useful, and it will become more and more adopted and as the value grows, people will find more and more uses for it.” (Banking on Bitcoin ,2:56-11:15) This was a statement made by internet entrepreneur Erik Voorhees. There are 2 persuading elements used here. One element being the statement itself and the other, the form in which this statement is delivered. While highlighting a segment of Banking on Bitcoin (2:56-11:15), I…show more content…
Banking on Bitcoin acknowledges these opposing arguments throughout the film but negates them with many different rhetorical elements. The opposing argument does not stop this documentary from being effective in persuading people to use Bitcoin. Cannucciari has supplied sufficient evidence and logic along with rhetorical elements to persuade one into using Bitcoin. The concepts in this documentary support themselves and are still growing today. It would be no surprise to find that this documentary helped the growth of Bitcoin over the last

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