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For most of people including myself change in any aspect is a very difficult to over come. Once we adapt to our surroundings we get very reluctant to change. We get comfortable and we are not willing to change even if the change is good for us. I had a lot of mix reactions when I watched the documentary. At the beginning I was a bite upset about how the natives of Postville acted towards the first new comers Jewish and as the documentary went on I got even more upset about how the second new comers Mexican were being treated. However, as I continue watching it I start relating myself and I told myself let me put myself in their position how I would react if a new comers came to my city and start taking over. Even if it meant that they were changing my city for the better. Moreover I thought the United States has already passed that stage when it comes to accepting others culture and religion to certain extend. I had many different reactions throughout the documentary but I will mainly focus on religion and cultural clash. At the beginning of the documentary I was kind of confused because I thought that there was not a lot of prejudice against Jewish population in the United States at least in the last few decades. I was kind of surprised at how the Jewish community was not willing to get to know the locals of the city. In addition, what shocked me the most was when one of the Jewish community individual said the reason why we don’t want to get to know the locals was that we don’t want our children to get stimulated by the locals culture. I thought after living in this country for so many years that they were already exposed to American culture. I would expect for the new comers to say this but not from someone who has been here ... ... middle of paper ... ...ling to give the Mexicans worker a chance like they did with the Jewish. It was clear to me that locals would rather have the Jewish because they were the same race as them. There is no dute that change is hard. Most of us want to remain inside the box we comfortable with the box we adopt to live in all of our live. However, in order for us to become culturally competent we have to come out the box and we need to think out of the box. We need to become more open-minded and start asking questions. In the documentary the locals were not welling to get to know the new comers specially the Mexicans. They were very prejudice against the Mexicans. They didn’t want the Mexicans to become part of the town but I wonder if the locals were welling to do jobs the Mexicans worker were doing. As I mention we need to become opened-minded in order for us unlearn and relearn.
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