Analysis Of The Disney Film Maleficent

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Maleficent means doing evil or harm; harmfully malicious acts. In the Disney film Malificent, Maleficent is the villain. The original movie was released by Disney in 1959, titled Sleeping Beauty. Malificent’s character is portrayed as only evil as she seeks revenge on King Stefan for not being invited to the christening of the King and Queens baby, Aurora. In 2014 her story was later told in the live action movie, titled Maleficent, where we gain insight to how she became evil and her background. Maleficent's tale gives us the full story rather than the portrayal of her evil character in Sleeping Beauty. I think that the 2014 version had a better portrayal and story line about Maleficent than the original Sleeping Beauty. Disney has a way of turning a tale into a lighter version of its original origin story. For example take Beauty And The Beast, one of it’s origin stories states that Belle had envious sisters…show more content…
Through Maleficent’s tale in 2014, we finally get to see the backstory of how she came to be. Only by betrayal did she turn evil, and only by hate did she force her curse upon Aurora. We get to see Maleficent’s good side, her heart towards what she loves and is willing to die to protect. In the beginning of this movie she stands up to fight for her land, the other fairies, creatures, and towards the end she saves the one thing she had started off hating, Aurora. I think we see how justified Maleficent was in her actions in this film, she had a right to be mad, hurt, and devastated when her own wings were taken from her. It was once she realized her love towards Aurora, she realized her mistakes. I believe Disney shows King Stefan as the evil villain in this 2014 version. He betrays the woman he loved to take over power and wealth. Stefan thought of himself and how he could rise to power, and not how he would be hurting

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