Analysis Of The Devouring Dragon

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“The Devouring dragon, narrated by Craig Simons describes his travels across various parts of the world to study how China’s economic rise within the last few decades, has negatively impacted the global environment. Simons bases his book and findings primarily from theory, science. In addition, he enhances his approach by adding in bits and pieces from conversations he’s had with scientists, advocates, politicians and average citizens in order to gather a more personal response. By combining various types of material, Simons provides readers with both informing and justifiable explanations of how Chinas growth is destroying the planet at a rapid rate. Within the novel, Craig looks at how China’s rapid economic growth plays a detrimental…show more content…
China has not only become the worlds biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, but has also gained its spot as being the largest market for endangered wildlife. “Chinas consumption of high value wildlife products, including threatened species, has risen rapidly as the economy has grown. This consumer demand is increasingly placing wild animals and plants, and their ecosystems – both in China and abroad – at risk through unsustainable and often illegal wildlife trade”(Ibid, 9) In addition, the belief in traditional Chinese medicines have resulted in a large demand for animal parts. Rhinoceroses, tortoises and tigers were specifically focused on. In India for example, tigers specifically, are being hunted and killed by the dozen. Tigers are highly desired for their multi purpose use in remedies. The Chinese believe that tiger bones contain the ability to cure a various amount of illnesses including malaria, typhoid fever, nightmares etc. Scientists however, have found that while tiger bone is effective in some cases, tiger parts have been shown to possess little to no effects and are as just as practical and efficient as pigs, cows, or mole rats
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