Analysis Of The Devil In The White City

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To honor Christopher Columbus’s arrival and in the new world the World’s Fair, nicknamed the Columbian Exposition, was held in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago circa 1893, in The Devil in the White City, the book tells the true tales of Daniel H. Burnham, the architect behind the 1893 World's Fair. Only a few blocks from Jackson Park, the fairgrounds, a man by the name of Herman W. Mudgett, aka Dr. H. H. Holmes, arrived at Chicago looking for work as a pharmacist or doctor. Holmes actually is better known for being the serial killer who lured his fair goers to their deaths in his elaborately constructed "Murder Castle". Erik Larson graduated with summa cum laude, the highest of three degrees of praise, as noted on a diploma from the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied Russian history, language and culture. He received a masters in journalism from Columbia University, after a one year off. His first job was at The Bucks County Courier, where he wrote about murder witches, environmental poisons, and other things that are equally as pleasant. He wrote articles for The Atlantic, Harper’s, The New Yorker, and other publications. As his writing improved and became more well know, he became a featured writer in the Times Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Larson has written many books. Most of the books he wrote are non-fiction books and are about historical events. For example, Larson wrote In the Garden of the Beasts Love, Terror & an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin, this book goes over William Dobb’s career as an Ambassador in Germany, at the time of Hitler’s rule during the 1930’s. This book is written with more of a purpose then a thesis. What Larson wanted to do was reveal the past world through experiences and perceptions... ... middle of paper ... ... In this book he included them at the start of new part in the book there is a picture which gives the reader a visual of what will take place. Adding a picture gets the imagination of the reader following and makes them picture what was going on, it draws the readers attention when they becoming interested in the book and the story. This story is directed at a large variety of readers. A history lover would enjoy this book because it takes about a not well known event in history, the murders that took place at the Chicago’s World Fair. This book could want to be read by a mystery lover. This book is called a true crime, the author examines a true crime and the details and actions of real people. Overall this book was a very good book, history loves would love Larson’s almost story like approach to this book, he bring almost fictional qualities to a non-fiction book.