Analysis Of The Destructors By Graham Greene

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Readers often come across two major types of fictions, commercial and literary. Commercial fiction entertains the audience meanwhile literary fiction focuses more on social conflicts. “The Destructors” by Graham Greene, is a short story that imparts that destruction can be a form of creation. It is an adventurous reading full of action that ends in the a destruction of a man’s home. In which a group of boys whom are apart of the Wormsley Common Gang are responsible. After a bombing in London people from different classes unite like Trevor and his family. Meanwhile, his mother believes to be better than everyone in the neighborhood Trevor tries to fit in. He becomes a new member of the gang takes over becoming the new leader, replacing Blackie.…show more content…
The author states “When he said “Trevor” it was a statement of fact not as it would have been with the others a statement of shame or defiance… There was every reason why T., as he was afterwards referred to, should have been an object of mockery”(page#54) Trevor never told anyone his name because his name would right away say that he was from the upper class. His father was an architecture and his mother thought she was superior to the upper class. T. didn 't really care whether he was apart of the upper class or the lower class. He went ahead and made himself known, accepted by the gang to belong. T. was a difficult character to understand because the gang didn’t know the reason behind his desire to get rid of this house. It can be difficult being in the top and ending up with nothing which is why the reader may believe the reason behind it is, since he lost everything he wants to get rid of everything that remind him of what he once had. In society today people can see how many teens do whatever it takes to be accepted or be apart of a certain group. They change their lifestyles, the way they dress, talk and even think. Many times these changes can be dangerous. For example, if girl dresses a certain way to get attention. Depending on how she dresses she might put herself in danger. People can see it happening all over. From school to social media. In…show more content…
Commercial fiction is a fun reading that the audience always loves because it provides them with action, happiness and they can assume how it is going to end. While, in literary fiction the reader can’t understand the characters, the suspense throughout the story gets build up by the characters not by any action. It is hard to assume how the ending will be like in “The Destructors”. The reader might have assumed that the ending would have end with the boys instead it ended with the driver. Many readers prefer commercial fiction because it keeps them entertained and literary fiction informs them about a certain issue. It also challenges a social a view and might get them to start

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