Analysis Of The Criminalization Of Women

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After the reading of this week, it 's clear that the social position of women in their life has a huge influence and a direct impact on not only their future, but on the one of their families and children. In case, they chose the criminal road, obviously, they won 't only negatively influence the future of their families, but they will put in danger their children 's future, offering them the automatic option to possibly repeat their pathway.

The Policies: I would like to start with the observation of the case of female- offenders, than will provide the possible policies solutions and will conclude with the opening for the future studies directions to better secure the mentally sick women, but also the women offenders in general.
It 's no wonder, that the criminalization of the women, is not coming from nowhere, and has strong ground to be build, as
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It has been for a decades, that women in the US having less important role and are occupying less important positions than a man. This, I would call a discrimination, which has it 's own translation: women in US are considered to be a part of minorities, while in the other developed societies this is not at all the case. Even, if in Europe too, women may occupy the less important job position with consequently lower salary, they are still equal, and even sometimes superior in other area in social position distribution and have the other option to plainly succeed. When in the US, female are likely to occupy the very low position, compare to a man. In regard to this social position, female criminalization is just different too. ‘‘males and females . . . are differentially exposed to the same criminogenic conditions . . . or differentially affected by exposure to the same criminogenic conditions’’ (Mears et al.

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