Analysis Of The Charge Of The Light Brigade

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The Charge of the Light Brigade was written by Lord Alfred Tennyson six weeks after the actual event. Through his poem, Lord Tennyson created a speaker who closely mimics his ideological view on the Crimean War. The Crimean War was a war fought between the Russians and the Allied nations which composed of the British Empire, the French empire, the Ottoman empire and the Sardinians. The cause of the war was deeply rooted in political and religious aspect as the empires seek to maneuver to better their global position. It was with this goal for the empire that Lord Tennyson created a speaker who was proud and in admiration of the Light Brigade. Through the ultimate sacrifice of the soldiers, the speaker glorifies them for the empire.
During this period where the
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Not tho’ the soldier knew someone had blunder’ d” and as the rhythm changed from a sing-song rhythm into a somber tone. While honoring the Brigade for their bravery, the speaker questions if any of the soldier knows the situation they are walking into and the necessity of their death due to a communication error. The Light brigade who was usually reserved for reconnaissance and light skirmish was in no way prepared for the charge as they walked into a well-fortified artillery unit that had a vantage point.
By emphasizing the six hundred in last sentence on each stanza, the speaker shows his utter admiration of the Light Brigade’s bravery. Using the term “six hundred” throughout the progress of the poem, the speaker highlights that the brigade went into the most unforgiving situation as one and while they did not succeed in their mission, they remain bound together due to their camaraderie. Despite the death of many within the brigade during the charge, the Light Brigade would forever be preserved due to their bravery which has granted them
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