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Chapter 1: Bilbo Baggins is a rich hobbit living in a hole in The Hill. Hobbits are half the size of humans. They love drinking and eating and being happy and comfortable at home. Bilbo is sitting outside one day by his front door smoking when the wizard Gandalf comes to him. Gandalf often comes to The Hill and tells weird stories and want to bring young hobbits on an adventure. The next day, Gandalf and thirteen dwarves: Dwalin, Balin, Kili, Fili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and Thorin visit Bilbo. Gandalf shows a map made by Thror that shows where the treasure is hidden. Gandalf gives Thorin the key to the entrance. Thorin tells a story about people who were happy and lived under the Mountain until the dragon Smaug…show more content…
Gandalf tells Beorn their story of their adventure in the mountain. Beorn gives the company food. He also does some scouting in the surroundings and discovers that the Wargs and goblins are preparing together for an attack on them. Gandalf wishes them the best and say good luck and leaves. Chapter 8: In the darkness Bilbo and the dwarves enter the forest of Mirkwood. They cross using a boat, but a dwarf falls in to the lake and is put into a sleep that lasts for days, coma. A few nights later they see lights in the trees and they see elves sitting around a fire. But when Bilbo goes to the fire, there is no fire and no elves. That happens a night later again. When Bilbo wakes up his legs are bound with sticky strings. He cuts the strings with his sword and goes to the dwarves to cuts them free, but the spiders do not see him because he is invisible. Chapter 9: Bilbo and the dwarves escaped the spider, but now they are caught by a group of wood elves and they brought to their king. The dwarves are thrown into the dungeon. But Bilbo is not thrown into the dungeon, because he is…show more content…
He steals the cup from Smaug and rushes as fast as possible back to the dwarves. Smaug smells him, but because of the ring he is invisible and the dragon cannot see him. The dragon is angry and kills all the ponies and goes back to sleep. Chapter 14: Thorin guids everyone through the mountain. Because they are hungry they go to an old guard-post. In the old guard-post they rest, eat, and think about the dragon. Chapter 15: Bard is the captain of the archers and is preparing to shoot his last arrow at Smaug. He shoots the dragon in his weak place and shoots through his heart. The dragon comes down, destroys the rest of Lake Town at the moment he dies. The humans and elves are together in n army and walk toward to the Lonely Mountain. Chapter 16: Everyone arrived by the Lonely Mountain. There is only one problem, the elves, dwarves and the humans do not want to share the treasure with each other. Chapter 17: Bilbo gives the Arkenstone to Bard and the Elvenking. After that he returns to mountain. When he leaves the camp he meets Gandalf again and gives Bilbo a pat on his shoulder for his good

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