Analysis Of 'The Catcher In The Rye'

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Thoughts and one’s voice have a more drastic effect on the world than are noticed. Today’s society is constantly influenced through the minds and opinions of the population. These opinions are developed through a multitude of events, encounters, and experiences that occur within a lifetime. Many strict and firm ideas are impressionable to the younger generation, or in other words, those who have the capability to carry and care for the future of mankind. Therefore, school curriculums, and more importantly teachers, have an immense responsibility for the impact on not only students but also the society and its future. Furthermore, more controversial topics regarding real world issues should be addressed, especially in a safe and educated environment.…show more content…
Literature holds the power to connect with readers in personal ways that are often overlooked and underrated. The audience is able to connect with the lives of the characters by living through them as they continue in the book. Many readers appreciate the novel more based on the fact that “The Catcher In The Rye includes everyday concerns and thoughts that have resonated well with many people, such as the difficulty in fitting into a world that seems ‘phony’” (Baer and Gesler). The difficulty of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood is a concept that is constantly brought up in different scenarios of the novel. The narrator continuously faces the decisions and situations that require him to utilize a higher level of maturity. This is also a common problem that develops in adolescents currently. Therefore, a relationship than forms between the reader and the narrator, and the reader becomes both satisfied and content while learning how the narrator proceeds to grow from the given issue. People can also apply the solutions and ways the narrator deals with the obstacles to their own lives and ultimately learn and benefit from the novel. Unfortunately, families of students view the way the novel addresses these issues as potentially harmful and negatively influential to their

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