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Death is inevitable, and the prospect of death is unwavering, however, it is part of reality, and our greatest comfort is knowing that death is part of ongoing life. In the critically acclaimed film, The Bucket List, Edward Cole played by Jack Nicholson and Carter played by Morgan Freeman teach us to live life to the fullest even if our days on earth are limited. The Bucket List is about the adventure of two men who share the same hospital room, however, soon discover that they have less than a year to live. Even as complete strangers the two men find that they share two things in common: the need to come to terms with who they are and what they have accomplished in their lives, and an unfaltering passion to finish a list of things they want…show more content…
Corporate billionaire Edward Cole and mechanic Carter Chambers share nothing in common except for their terminal illnesses. In the beginning of the film, after receiving word that they have less than a year to live, the two men cope in different ways. After realizing that their time on earth is limited, Edward begins to panic, and begins to realize that he may not have fulfilled the life he was meant to live. However, one day Edward notices that Carter is writing notes on a yellow sheet of paper, but later finds it crumpled on the floor. The paper simply stated the lines “witness something truly majestic. Help a complete stranger”, out of curiosity Edward questioned Carter about its meaning. Therefore, Carter proceeded to tell him about the time he was in college and his philosophy teacher, instructed the class to make up a list of things you would want to do before you die, in other words a bucket list. Since, their time on earth was constrained, he thought he would make one, however, considering that death was imminent he ditched the idea. However, Edward disagreed and began adding to his own bucket list such as “skydiving. Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world. Get a tattoo”, and since time was of the essence they decided to leave the hospital and take a little…show more content…
However, every moment we have on this earth is precious and it is our choice to make the most of it. As Carter and Edward learned that they had little time left , they reflected back on their lives and the achievements they had made. According, to Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, these two men look back with despair and strive to escape the harsh truth, death. However, as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime, they soon realize that rather than escaping the inevitable, the importance of life is the joy that we share with others. In the end, these two men died with a sense of integrity and reached the final stage of death, acceptance. Even though they were not able to achieve their lifelong dreams, they lived a life filled with love and wholesomeness. In the end, death is part of reality, and we all must come to terms with it, “we love, we die, and the wheels on the bus go round and

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