Analysis Of The Broader Bolder Approach To Education

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We as America are in the midst of an Education crisis. Others say we are doing perfectly fine with our education system and how America runs things. America’s level of success is based on financial success. If one is quite wealthy and has no financial struggles it is easy to succeed in school. Elaine Weiss, the national coordinator for the Broader Bolder Approach to Educations says, “the impact of social and economic disadvantage on many schools and students, works to better the conditions that limit many children’s readiness to learn. “ Implying that there is a high demand on skills one is to have to succeed and in that case more difficult tests come.

Poverty is said to be Americas greatest struggle. Poverty can be the determining factor on whether you will over achieve. If we look past 50 years America mostly educated high to middle class children, the expectations on a lower class kid graduating were not very high. In comparison to 50 years ago, now we educate all kids and expect each and every one of them to graduate no mater economic rank. Washington post pulled from statistics in the year 2000 and said that in that very year “students who were eligible for free or reduced-price meals made up at least half of the student body in four states.” The devastating reality is that student poverty is dominant. Valerie Strauss, author of “The Real 21st-Century Problem in Public Education” says that “Without a set of supports that enable all students to acquire basic literacy, problem-solving, and communications skills, teachers must tailor their instruction to an ever-broader range of academic capacities and behavioral challenges” So the instructor of the class must adjust their teachings to each kids needs. But with that great arg...

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... the broader spectrum of students who take the test the lower the average score will be. While all children go to school here, in other countries it is rare that a high majority of the kids attend school. Students from other countries do not receive money for uniforms, books, lunch or other costs if they go to school it is because they are financially eligible to attend.
Furthermore, living in poverty does in fact reduce one’s access to books, early academic head start programs, and many other assets that can increase a child’s learning’s. If a school tests only the most financially privileged the academic scores will be high, If a school tests all students it is obvious that the rate will decrease. Free access to all students is a major factor that pertains to a “crisis” There is no doubt that the United States has faults and improvements that need to be made.
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