Analysis Of The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

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The relationships between mothers and daughters is a topic that authors often call upon to tell a story. It is an important part of every culture, which makes the topic relatable to any reader who picks the book up. Junot Diaz understood the universality of mother/daughter relationships and incorporated it in his novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Although the book is mainly about Oscar, an overweight Dominican boy from New Jersey and his quest for love, the book also spends a lot of time exploring the relationships between Oscar’s sister Lola and their mother Beli and Beli’s relationship with her mother figure La Inca. Junot Diaz does not write mother/daughter relationships in an honest way and focuses on the conflict in the relationships caused by differences in history and culture. Before Beli was the women the readers were first introduced to, she was a young woman living in the Dominican Republic. Beli did not have a easy life while she was there, she “was only two months old when her mother died, never met her father, was held by her sisters on a few times before they too disappeared, was the literal Child of the Apocalypse” (Diaz 251). The Dominican Republic was not a safe place for a young girl to live, being controlled by the dictator Trujillo. Beli’s families fuku, “generally a curse or a doom of some kind” (Diaz 1), can be traced all the way back to Trujillo, before Beli was even born. Beli’s father, Abelard, wanted to protect his beautiful daughter from the fate of being desired by Trujillo, which led to Abelard being sent to Jail, Beli’s sister and mother dying, and leaving Beli an orphan. Her skin was so dark that the extended family she had, did not want her. When Beli was forcibly taken by a group of her d... ... middle of paper ... ...a damper on their relationship. With all of the complexity that came with their relationship, it was obvious that she still loved her mother because she sent her children to spend time with La Inca, know that La Inca would help them in all the ways that La Inca helped Beli. The trials that Beli faced with La Inca bled into her relationship with Lola. Lola turned out to be very similar to Beli, falling in love with a guys who was not good for her and disobeying her mother. Their issues stemmed from the differences in where they were raised and the time in which they were raised. Beli was raised in the Dominican Republic in a time that was very difficult. Beli’s history of abuse combined with being raised in the DR, prevented her from being the mother Lola wanted. Junot Diaz used the struggles caused by history and culture to write complex mother/daughter relationships.

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