Analysis Of The Book ' When The Kings Come Marching '

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Through reading every story of God’s word, we witness God’s presence with His people. We not only witness God’s presence, but also His action and work in their lives. Our work as Christians has never been about what we can do to earn our way to heaven; it has always been about God coming to dwell with His people, and His actions through them. God’s presence is evident in the past and the present, but it will also be evident in the future when Christ comes back to dwell with humanity on earth in the Holy City. In the book, When the Kings Come Marching In, Richard Mouw argues that the way Christians view the Holy City greatly affects how we actively work in spreading the gospel and transforming culture as we await Christ’s return to Earth. Primarily, Christians are not to be idly waiting here on Earth until the day that the Lord Jesus comes back. The fact that we are in a time of waiting is true. Jesus Christ has come and brought His kingdom, but it has not completely come to Earth. Despite the fact that we are in a time of waiting, Christians are empowered and able to participate with God in the work of transforming all parts of His creation. Even though we are to join in God’s work with Him, it will not always be easy and comfortable. There are still forces at work against all Christians that want to manipulate the way that Christians are trying to bring God’s kingdom here on Earth. Because there will be forces working against Christians, we must always humbly rely on God to guide and help us in all that we do. Mouw believes many Christians have a skewed view about the idea of waiting on Earth. Instead of having the idea of actively waiting as we live out our lives as Christians, many of us live very passively. A pas... ... middle of paper ... ...ctive work. The New Creation is not an excuse to live passively; it gives us a reason to live actively and work to build God’s kingdom. Through this work in building God’s kingdom, Christians are also able to spread the gospel to individuals of all nationalities, races, and ethnicities. The redemptive work of Christ extends to more than just individuals. However, it is still very important that hearts be transformed through the gospel. Along with this calling to be personally transformed, Christians are also to be a bright light of the Lord Jesus in all areas of culture. Our calling to go through a personal transformation is equally important as a Christians’ role in redirecting areas of culture that they are passionate and knowledgeable about. The only way that Christians can do this work is in the hope of what is to come through Christ in the New Creation.

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