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Unbroken By Laura Hillenbrand The novel Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand is a novel talking about World War II. It is a story of endurance, resilience and retrieval. You become fully invested in the characters lives throughout the novel. There are different people in the novel pertaining good guys and bad guys, even people who cultivate evil illustrations. Unbroken, is the compelling story of the main character Louis Zamperini. Louis was a juvenile delinquent for a small period during the 1920s. He became a track star attending UCLA and a member of the Olympic team where he met Adolph Hitler. As Louis was shot down in the Pacific, Japanese had captured him and taken him to the worst prison camp they had made because he did not want to promote the anti-American propaganda. As Hillenbrand retells the story of his survival, it is a fantastic adventure on how Louis forgives his captors. You will shiver as you read details on how remorseless these men had to tolerate in the camps. There are many different central ideas on how this novel relates to History. Many people throughout the story dream of enjoyable meals they can one day eat. They dream to have freedom and live in a place where they can repay their guards for being so cruel to the people in the camps. Usually in History, many people would have to fight for what they wanted or what they believed in, and that is exactly what had happened in the story Unbroken. The war still had more than two years to go, meanwhile the Japanese would take prisoners into their camps as Ofuna, Naoetsu, Omori, and Zamperini was substantially tormented and physically abused. The Japanese beat them, they starved them to death, and they were denied medical assistance resulting in maladies. One of t... ... middle of paper ... ...and all his troubles instantly vanished. Only then he knew, that his war was finished. The novel Unbroken, was a very fascinating book to read. I loved learning about the characters and how much they have overcame. Throughout everything Zapernini went through, he showed his love to his former enemies. His heart was transformed into loving, and forgiving the guards for what they have done to him and his friends. I definitely recommend this book to everyone who gets the chance to read it. This book has taught me so much on how blessed we are today. I learned that the United States was formerly captive. This country was not free, and so many hardships were obtained because of it. I am glad that people have fought for our freedom, and we are able to have the life we have today. I really enjoyed reading this book, it taught me many things about our History and nation.
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