Analysis Of The Book Treat People Right

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My research focused on chapter ten of the book “Treat People Right”, (Lawler, 2003). I felt that this book was very inspiring and provided a lot of new ideas that can easily be implemented. This research focused on the important aspects of being an effective leader. Organization are looking for leaders that bring new ideas and change to an organization, (Lawler, 2003). A leader needs to show strategic thinking skills and a willingness to implement new practices in achieving success, (Lawler, 2003). Organizations want leaders that can energize employees through motivation and team building skills, (Lawler, 2003). An effective leader will be ethical in behavior, building trust within the team by making the right decisions based on sound…show more content…
Organizations seek leaders that have the edge and can make that tough decision in a stressful situation, (Lawler, 2003). Having the edge is a critical part of being an effective leader, (Lawler, 2003). In a high stress situation, being able to make that decision could mean the difference between the organization moving forward or collapsing. An effective leader needs to support their employees, by building team skills and providing tasks that are challenging, (Lawler, 2003). This promotes a positive work environment that equally shares commitment and responsibility. The author noted the importance of an organization to have a cadre of leaders versus one leader, (Lawler, 2003). Organizations that only have one leader was noted as dangerous, (Lawler, 2003). If that leader vanishes it could easily create an imbalance within the organization causing it to fail. As leaders retire or move on new leaders would move forward to maintain consistency and create a solid foundation within the organization. A successful organization will build a cadre of leaders to insure…show more content…
To be effective isn’t automatic, it is a skill that we must continually develop. Organization need effective leaders that not only benefit the organization, but inspire and motivate employees. In a management position it is critical to be effective, yet show a passion for what you do. A leader needs to be fair and ethical in their decision making, they need to be trust worthy and respectful, (Lawler, 2003). These behavioral traits are essential in being a successful leader. Organizations need leaders that can work with their employees, build team work and be open to new ideas, (Lawler, 2003). In order for progress to be made, employees need to believe in their leader, and in turn, the leader needs to believe in their employees. Trust is obtained through mutual respect, building that bond of commitment to insure organizational success, (Lawler, 2003). The employees will follow a leader that promotes a positive attitude and enjoys expressing their ideas and stories. This creates comradery and forms a tight cohesion amongst the team. A leader needs to keep an open mind and be flexible to change. Organizations seek leaders that are strong in their determination to improve the environment and implement effective change, (Lawler,
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