Analysis Of The Book ' Romans '

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In book of Romans begins with the introduction of Paul, and how he is a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is writing a letter to Rome, and telling them that he plans to come and visit them to have a fruitful ministry with them (1:13). Paul begins to explain the need of righteous, and how people have sinned against God while knowing the truth. They worship ideals, murdering, sexual rituals with members of their own sex, and much more, and God is letting them do it, while Paul states they deserve to die (1:32). Paul explains that we are not allowed to judge those because we are all guilty of sin. It doesn’t matter whether if you’re a Jew or Gentile, God sees you for your heart, and if you are following His commands.
In chapters three through five, Paul talks about being justified through faith. God reveals His righteous through faith in Jesus Christ, and explains that everyone has sinned had fallen short of His glory (3:16), but we can be redeemed by our faith in Jesus. Paul uses Abraham as a prime example of someone who had faith in God, and God used him before circumcision (example of Gentiles) and after circumcision (example of Jews). Paul explains that we are all sinners, and that Christ died for all of us (5:8). It started with Adam in the beginning and spread throughout time, and by our faith in Christ and the grace of God we are saved. In chapters six through eight, he talks about our new life in Christ, and how our old self dies, while we are made new in Christ with the Holy Spirit. He explains we are no longer slaves to sin, but we are enslaved to God’s righteousness and are to produce good fruits.
In chapters nine through eleven, Paul talks about how some people of Israel have pursued the righteousness of the law ra...

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...all the way through it and was able to connect so many things. Paul lays out the entire Gospel so well, and you can easily lead sometime Christ by using this book. I liked how Paul explained how everyone is a sinner because in the past I never really understand the break up between the Jews and the Gentiles. Paul was able to show that no matter who you are, you are still a sinner and in desperate need of Christ. Also, I understood chapter fourteen a lot better, and I realized that I if I’m causing my people around me to sin, I am also at fault. It is a lot to take on watching out for you, but we have to stop being so selfish and thing about how are actions can affect those around us. Reading through this book has given me a lot of new insight to think on, and I really enjoyed digging deeper into understanding this easier to hear, but harder to follow commands of God.
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