Analysis Of The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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Lola Parsapour
Mrs. Gilbert
British Literature
13 April, 2015
A Survivors Point of View
The Holocaust was the mass murder of Jews during the period of 1941 to 1945 under the German Nazi regime. More than six million European Jews were murdered out of a nine million Jewish population. Out of those who had survived was Elie Wiesel, who is the author of a literary memoir called Night. Night was written in the mid 1950’s after Wiesel had promised himself ten years before the making of this book to stay silent about his suffering and undergoing of the Holocaust. The story begins in Transylvania and then follows his journey through a number of concentration camps in Europe. The protagonist, Eliezer or Elie, battles with Nazi persecution and his faith in God and humanity. Wiesel’s devotion in writing Night was to not stay quiet and bear witness; on the contrary, it was too aware and to enlighten others of this tragedy in hopes of preventing an event like this from ever happening again. By writing, Night, Elie was able to convey his experience of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a terrible history of events. It scarred many lives to the point of staying silent. Elie was one of many who stayed silent; however, he soon realized that someone who had personally experienced the torture that the Nazi had inflicted upon the Jews had to talk about it. If not, history would be repeated. Elie wanted to alert the world of the danger
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Night was an effort to open one’s eyes to what happened in the concentration camp in hope of preventing it from happening again. He devoted his life ensuring that the murder of six million Jews would never be forgotten and that history would not be repeated. Night was a dedication to accurately narrate what happened to the dead and share what they cannot. In the very end Elie achieves his purposes with a pen, paper and a
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