Analysis Of The Book ' Mormon '

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The purest, simplest description of the Book of Mormon is that it is literally, “another testament of Jesus Christ,” given to mankind so that they may know how to become like Him. Yet sometimes, if only the surface of the Book of Mormon is studied, it is easy to loose sight of Christ in between pages after page of wars and contentions, kings and judges, journeys and trials and prophecies. If we diligently study the Book of Mormon, we will find that Christ is on every page, and we will come to a better understanding of his divine purpose and character. Furthermore, if we emulate those characteristics and do our best to become like Him, we can have all the blessings promised to the faithful in the Book of Mormon. One chapter that speaks volumes about the character of Christ is 1 Nephi 19. In this chapter, Nephi and his family have just arrived in the Promised Land, and Nephi is explaining that he chooses to write only those things he thinks are important in the plates. He uses this explanation to describe how the world will not see Christ as important, but will “judge him to be a thing of naught…scourge him…smight him…[and] spit upon him.” Yet throughout all this persecution and rejection, the all-mighty Son of God will repeatedly “suffereth it, because of his loving kindness and his long-suffering towards the children of men.” This prophetic account from Nephi reveals much about the Savior’s character; it affirms that Christ’s charity and patience know no bounds. The loving kindness of Christ is this charity, or ability to love us perfectly for our potential, despite all of our shortcomings. Just as Christ gave charity to those who Nephi foresaw would physically persecute and reject Him, so He gives perfect love to all men. Knowl... ... middle of paper ... paying tithing and fast offerings, giving service, and loving unconditionally. He needs patient disciples who will trust in His timing and remain constant though trends, beliefs, and even laws change. He needs humble disciples who will set aside their concerns with technology, money, or the popularity of the world to earnestly seek the Lord’s will. He needs disciples of justice who strive always to do what is right, disciples of mercy who forgive their neighbor even seventy and seven times, and disciples who live worthily each day so that they might call upon the powers of heaven to work miracles here on the earth. The Book of Mormon was truly written for our day, and it is my testimony that as we purposefully seek Christ within its pages, we will come to understand His goodness and love, and be able to share that love with others as true disciples of Jesus Christ.
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