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Interest Inventory Results: During the interest inventory, I found out so much about Dakota. He has one brother who is 4 years’ old who he loves to play with. His brother also attends Parker Bennet Curry Elementary school in the preschool classroom. Dakota informed me that has a grey cat and a brown dog that he also enjoys to play with. He doesn’t like to play a lot of games, but ninja turtle is his favorite to play. He also said that the blue ninja turtle was his favorite and that was the one he always picks. His biggest fear is his dreams. Dakota has a lot of nightmares that wake him and scare him. His favorite television show is Alvin in the chipmunks and the only time he listens to the radio is when he is the car with his mom or dad. Once…show more content…
This book was previously used during the first running record. When this book was first read, the student only scored a 68% on fluency which was at frustration level. Instruction was changed from running record, which was a cold read, to a hot read for the fluency assessment. The teacher first read the book to the student. Then, the student and the teacher read the book together. Once the student was comfortable with the book, he was given the assessment. During the one minuet, the student read a total of 32 words. Out of the 32 words read, the student answered 27 correct and only missed five. This was a huge improvement from the last time this text was read. With that data given from the fluency assessment the student scored 84% accuracy compared to 68% accuracy from the beginning of the semester. The words missed during the assessment were common words that the student has frequently missed throughout the semester during running records, assessments, and lessons. The words “on” and “in” were the only words missed during the assessment. These two words have been reversed for an extended period of time, therefore the student will need additional, changed instruction with sight words to become a more fluent…show more content…
The task involves students reading a word in a book and choosing which of the three answers that best match the word in the box. It is a measure of reading vocabulary in that there is no need to comprehend text in order to complete the task and there is no context to provide clues to the meaning of the word. The vocabulary screening section went well for the student based on his score and performance on the assessment. He scored 19 correct and 11 incorrect, but responded to every question. The score the student received was at the strategic level. The screener given was for a first grade student, but the student is in kindergarten. This score indicates that the student is on track in vocabulary for first grade. The student could use additional practice and an introduction to new vocabulary words to grow his knowledge of words. CORE Reading Maze Comprehension: The reading comprehension maze assesses how well students understand text they read silently. The assessment is based completely on the text. After the first sentence, every seventh word in the passage is replaced with the correct word and two distractor words. Students choose which word among the three is the correct word that fits best in the sentence and with the rest of the

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