Analysis Of The Big Five Personality

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Personality psychologists that were fascinated in what distinguishes one individual from another created the Big Five Personality test to conclude why we act the way we do as john stated (John). The Big Five Personality traits can be summarized into five separate groups starting with neurotic, extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness and Openness/experience. John states that in the systematic group The Big Five is now the most precise and most benefited model (John). After taking the Personality tests myself the results seemed pretty accurate to what I was expecting but in some of the categorize I was a little bit shocked as well. As John states, each of the big five groups have a different aspect for what its looking for in your own…show more content…
With the conscientiousness category I was rated with a 58 percentile, stating I was neither organized nor disorganized. This is supposed to state weather you are able to show self-disciple and aim for high success. Which I totally disagree with because I feel as though I am the most disorganized person of all time and can never remember where I place things or can find them if that. Furthermore, I also disagreed because I find myself as a very well disciplined individual with structure and set high priorities for myself in my life to become successful. In addition, I did not quite agree with the category of openness to experience/Intelligent. As Rentfrow states, this category is supposed to say weather you have an appraising art, sentiment, voyage and unique concepts (Rentfrow). I had scored a 20 percentile stating that I have narrow interest and uncreative. Although I might be a tad bit of an uncreative side to myself, I don’t agree however it stating I have narrow interest, because I feel as though I always think out of the box about things and try and figure out problems before they even occur. For the most part of the personality test I would have to agree with what it is stating, especially for being an online data test it sure is precise on how it describes my personality as a single
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