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Hi there! I’m John, welcome to my best bread machine & bread machine reviews blog. Now, normally I’d tell you that you should be baking your bread the old-fashioned way, kneading the dough by hand, letting it rise and then baking it in your oven. But I know that in today’s world, we don’t have as much time for all of this kind of thing like we used to, but there are still times when we crave for delicious, homemade bread in the mornings before work or school. So? Get a bread machine and problem solved!

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The specifications are quite important, because they will determine what you can or cannot do with your bread machine. Here are some of the settings you might want your bread machine to include:

Delay timer – Ingredients can be placed in the bread machine overnight and fresh bread can be had for breakfast.
Dough setting – A bread maker that will only make dough and not bake it as well can make dough for pizza and other baked goods.
Window – For the diligent user who likes to check on the bread.
Keep warm – If you think you won’t be there when the bread is done, keep warm option is nice to keep your bread warm and tasty until you come back.
Bread cycles – Different cycles like whole wheat, French bread, gluten-free and more.
Warranty & Durability

The last thing to remember and to check for is a good warranty and servicing options to safeguard your investment should anything go wrong.

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The answer to the problem of freshly made bread came to me then and there. Why not use bread machines at home for your convenience?

Bread machines are home kitchen appliances. They look like cute little ovens, except that they have a bread pan and a more developed control panel. Besides bread, you can use it to only knead dough if you want to make pizza, or even jam. Talk about being able to make your breakfast completely from scratch:) All that’s missing is the cow!

That’s why I decided to write this blog too, I hope that my bread machines review blog will help you find the best bread machine suitable for your needs. :)

Best Bread Recipes
Here are some of my favorite Bread Machine Recipes to share with you that includes:

Amish White Bread
Blueberry Zucchini Bread
Cinnamon Bread Delight
French Loaves Bread
Mom’s Zucchini Bread
Zucchini Bread With Dried Cranberries
Well, hope you enjoy reading my bread machine reviews
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