Analysis Of The Article ' Victims From Birth '

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Today’s society consists of numerous individuals who are diagnosed with disabilities that prevent them from partaking in their everyday tasks. Not everyone gets the chance to live a normal life because they might have a problem or sickness that they have to overcome. Deafness is a disability that enables people to hear. All deafness is not alike; it can range in many different forms. Some people like Gauvin, can be helped with a hearing aid, but some can’t because of their situation and health reasons. In society, hearing individuals consider deafness a disability, while the deaf themselves see it as a cultural significance. In the article “Victims from Birth”, appearing in, Founding Editor Wendy McElroy, provides the story of Gauvin Hughes McCullough whose deaf parents deny him a hearing aid, hoping he would grow up and be just like them. Sharon Duchesneau, who is the mother of Gauvin decided with her partner to get a sperm donor of an individual who is deaf. The lesbian couple were delighted to have Gauvin, their child to be born with a hearing disability, because he would most likely be involved with the deaf culture. The parents want their child to be exactly like them, but sometimes that is not correct. A child is going to grow up wanting to make choices and it’s their decision to decide if they want to be deaf or get a hearing aid. Neil Levy believes we should look at their idea and be compassionate about it and understand what they wanted to achieve. But he disagrees with the parents because Gauvin could still be part of the deaf culture by learning sign language, he didn’t have to be deaf. Because Gauvin remains deaf, he will likely encounter unnecessary disadvantages in his social life, education and career... ... middle of paper ... ... deafness is alike, it ranges from different cases. For some people, disability is known as a cultural significance. Those individuals don’t see themselves as disabled. According to the article “Victims from Birth” we see how the lesbian couple were very passionate and excited because their son was deaf. They didn’t see the point of getting a hearing aid for Gauvin because they wanted him to be just like them. The parents see their disability as a culture which shows why there not interested in the hearing aid. Although they have their own view of the hearing aid, it’s not right to make decisions for Gauvin just yet because when he grows up he needs to make them himself. Levy doesn’t agree with the parent’s decision he thinks it’s best for Gauvin to be in part of both worlds. Gauvin will face disadvantages in his social life, education and career if he remains deaf.
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