Analysis Of The Article ' Shooting An Elephant '

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Throughout the many essays and articles I’ve read in class, “Shooting An Elephant” happened to be the most intriguing. The beginning of the essay may have lead me to believe that the story would simply be the author telling the story of how he shot an elephant in a foreign country. However, as I read more the issue became apparent. It’s basically as if the issue was shadowed by the author’s own story and to fully understand the issue you would have to actually pay attention to the author’s tone and emotions as well as the way in which he describes his actions. To elaborate, the main point to be taken away from this particular essay revolved around the art of proper decision making. To realize this I had to take note of how the author described his feelings towards killing the elephant. He did not want to kill the elephant, it is expressed within his regret after the fact and the hesitation at the beginning. The overall issue he face revolved around whether or not he should shoot the elephant. Taking into consideration the circumstances surrounding each option the author knew that sho...

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