Analysis Of The Article 'Does Advertising Erode Free Will'

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The article called, “Does advertising erode free will” by Mind Hacks was well written, but very difficult to believe if the information given was true or not. In the article, Mind Hacks mentioned things could be true, but also very hard to be certain of. There was no evidence giving by the author, no research, and no sampling method was used in his article.
Mind Hacks mentioned in his article that, “People faced a similar dilemma in the nineteenth century, when statistics were first compiled of suicides. If we can predict from census records that the number of suicides in a parish in a year will be around seven, where does that leave the free will of those who ‘choose’ to kill themselves that year? Are you taking away the freedom of the seven
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The author started making arguments that have nothing to back up his argument, for example, he mentioned, “This presents a curious problem for the concept of free will ‚the patron has already made a calculation about the amount of money they are willing to pay in return for a particular amount of food. However, when the question is re-asked, not “Would you pay $5.79 for this total amount of food?” but “Would you pay an extra 30 cents for more French fries?” Patrons often say yes, despite having answered “no” moments before to an economically same question.” I think people have the ability to say No, I do not want more French fries for 30 cents extra. (Mind…show more content…
In a different world, I would say its contending driving forces, and it’s typically the most primitive ones that are engaged in advertising. Suppose 60 cents for more food isn’t much, so it’s easy to get hooked on it. The question is that am I hungry of more or am I simply get it because I can. The 60 cents works because the American society, “more is better” regardless what it is or what it’s for. We never settle on a choice totally liberated by outside impacts. In any case that doesn 't mean we have no free will, it implies we live in a dynamic universe that has billions and billions of intelligent ways which give the truth where we settle on our

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