Analysis Of The American Prison System

Introduction The United States of America has approximately five percent of the world’s population yet 25% of its prisoners. Prison is a way to remove rule breakers from society and, in a perfect world, reform them so they can be a positive force in our society. However, the prison system in America does more than provide a place to put the unruly. The prison industrial complex is a business which is absurdly lucrative for those involved. In spite of the falling crime rate more and more American citizens are finding themselves with a new home in the form of a prison. I have had my own close brush with entering one of these facilities and it was a frightening prospect. This led to my initial viewing of how prisons function. Once assigned a…show more content…
It talks about how Reagan and Nixon created “wars on drugs” despite the country not seeing them as the most pressing issue. These “wars” led to increased prejudice against minorities and the growth of the prison system. Examples of the New York Police Department frisking almost exclusively African Americans and being disproportionately made into felons provide ethos for the writing. This information explains to the audience how the legal system preys on the less fortunate because they are easier targets and why they would want to do…show more content…
Both parties get profit from their practices while many people have their lives potentially ruined in the process. Profit is not the purpose of justice. This supports my argument that something is wrong with the prison system and people are being exploited. It also gives a brief history of how prisons started due to race and continue to be biased based on race to this day.

This source provides a history of prisons by going back to when they started to become popular after the civil war. It exposes that their roots are in bigotry and controlling others because of the color of their skin. It then explains how sending people to prison benefits those involved in sending and keeping them there and the effects it has on those who get passed around.

Links This source makes me think about how much racism is involved in the amount of people in prison. This source was attempting to explain how the racist history of our country plays a role in the amount of minorities being incarcerated today. This agrees with information in other sources I referenced. They all agree that minorities are disproportionately
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